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    The Problem Solving Process

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    1. Describe the Problem Solving Process.
    2. Describe The Five Building Blocks of the Problem-Solving Heuristic.
    3. Use a real life example of a problem to describe how to apply it (Heuristic Problem Solving).

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    Problem Solving Process
    1. Describe the Problem Solving Process.
    The problem solving process is a sequence of steps that allow for solving the problem. The problem solving process is a guide that will assist a team to solve a problem. The steps are lied out in a logical sequential fashion. The key steps are defining the problem, analyzing the problem, generating solutions, analyzing the solutions, selecting the best solution(s) and planning the next steps (The information was obtained at http://www.gdrc.org/decision/problem-solve.html "The Problem Solving Process").

    2. Describe The Five Building Blocks of the Problem-Solving Heuristic.
    Problem solving heuristic is provides a step by step approach to problem solving that serves as a guide to crafting and solutions and generating solution pathways. The five building blocks of the Problem-Solving Heuristics are Define the Problem, Generate Solutions, Decide Course of Action, Implement Solution and Evaluate Solution (The information was obtained at http://ptgmedia.pearsoncmg.com/images/9780130082794/preface/0130082791_Preface.pdf "Strategies For Creative Problem Solving" H. Scott Fogler and Steven E. LeBlanc).
    The problem solving process can be steps are as follows:
    1. Define the Problem - Defining and identifying the problem is a very critical step. The group members need to agree on the define problem. A way for the group to come to an agreement on the problem is to give each group member an opportunity to assist in defining the problem. The group will need to determine the facts about the problem and base their decision on facts. Further, the group will need to have an open mind in determining the cause of the problem. There should be a variety of different viewpoints taken by the group to make sure that the problem is analyzed properly. The team will need time to appropriately research the problem. The cause, effects, symptoms and seriousness of the ...

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