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Problem solving

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Please help with the following problem, in 300-350 words. Include references.

Explain the role of insight and creativity in the problem solving process.

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In this problem, problem solving is discussed in terms of creativity. The concepts discussed include creative people, creative problems and psychological theories. The explanation is give in 334 words with two references. in text citations are also included.

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Problem: Explain the role of insight and creativity in the problem solving process.

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Humans can view a situation, process the information involved with the given situation, and come up with tactics to solve any related or unexpected issues as they arise. Problem solving is a mental process (Mohanan, 2003). Problem solving is on the higher end of the cognitive processes (Mohanan, 2003). Problem solving has been studied for many years in psychology and is continued to be studied to this day. In order to solve a ...

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