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    problem solving activities and diverse learning styles

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    1. How does the use of problem solving activities help to address diverse learning styles and special needs?

    2. What is the relationship between the scientific and mathematical methods of problem solving?

    275 words each if possible please.

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    1 - The use of problem-solving activities is easy to adapt to a wide variety of learning styles and special needs. Problem-solving activities are, by their very nature, flexible - each student is able to approach a problem using his or her own unique strengths. Problem-solving activities can be done as individual assignments or as collaborative group work, which means that the strengths and weaknesses of various group members help to balance each other out. Using group problem-solving activities promotes peer teaching and can also help students - with or without special needs - see the thought processes of their peers, which will help them think about problems differently.

    Problem-solving activities tend to allow students a great deal of freedom in solving te problem. Students that are verbal learners may prefer to talk it out, while ...

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    This explores the use of problem-solving activities to meet diverse learning needs, and the relationship between scientific and mathematical methods of problem-solving.