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Problem Solving

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Why is insight not an adequate explanation of problem solving? Provide references.

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Problem Solving
Contemporary psychology does not like imprecision (i.e., insight) so let's be clear about what problem solving involves. Problem solving forms part of thinking. It occurs if an organism or an artificial intelligence system does not know how to proceed from a given state to a desired goal state (see http://www.yourencyclopedia.net/Psychology.html).

Problem solving is part of thinking so let's look a little closer at the definition of thinking as well. Thinking (aka Thought) is a mental process which allows beings to model the world, and so to deal with it effectively according to their goals, plans, ends and desires. Concepts akin to thought are sentience, consciousness, idea and imagination. In fact, it is argues that thinking involves manipulation information, as when we form concepts, engage in problem solving, reason and make decisions. Thinking is a higher cognitive function and the analysis of thinking processes is part of cognitive psychology.

In other words, a problem has the initial state, which is where problem solvers start from. There is also the goal, which will be the final state of the process. There are also sub-goals, which are goals along the way. The problem (space) included the goal, the initial state, and all of the states between the initial one and the final one, as well as problem solvers' knowledge at the time the problem is started. In other words, it is a conscious step-by-step process involving higher cognitive processes. For more on problem solving you may want to check out the website ...

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This solution explains why insight is not an adequate explanation of problem solving. Research and references are provided.

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