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    Herbalife Structural Strategy to Realize Growth

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    Evaluate alternatives your organization must consider to realize growth. Recommend a single strategy that the organization might implement. Explain key success factors for monitoring strategy implementation.

    Structural Consideration Strategy to Realize Growth

    For Herbalife International of America, Incorporate one strategy that has been used over the past years has been one of a structural consideration nature. Within this strategy, Herbalife has taken the functional structural approach, which encompasses aligning the advantages of specialized work tasks; structuring the organization into interconnected units, such as human resources, operations, finance, sales and communication, warehouse, and numerous other specialized departments to focus strictly on duties that enhance the organization and offer a business model of expertise for the tasks that are required of each division. There is strength in allowing each area to specializing in tasks, and not crossover until the bigger picture is presented. This strategy assists in the realization of growth in that each unit is responsible for the success of its own productivity levels, and held accountable for the overall contribution to the growth of the organization.; acting as one unit of the organization to strive in its own strengths, but contributing as an entity to complete the overall agenda of corporate growth. Strategic plans are established by the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer, and passed down to the executive management team to devise a plan of implementation to accomplish growth objectives.

    In today's economic crisis, Herbalife is not only challenged with realizing growth opportunities, it is also challenged with the acknowledgement of preventing the loss of potential growth opportunities. Structural considerations for internal realignment are often presented when organizations are challenged by the world's economic decline. It is recommended that Herbalife consistently evaluate the internal structure to alleviate and or merge divisions that can benefit from shared knowledge and shared tasks. As companies downside and seek growth opportunities, internal realignment is often necessary to assure that business functions operate at peak performance, and overhead costs are either reduced or at best eliminated.

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    Monitoring of Strategy Implementation

    Monitoring of strategy implementation is a challenging task as if at this stage something proceeds without monitoring can result in failure and due to this it also become essential for Herbalife International of America that it also incorporate a ...

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