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    APA Citation

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    Please explain what questions do you have about APA format and style? Where might you search for answers to these questions? What steps will you take to ensure that the work you submit meets APA format and style expectations?

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    Hello and thank you for your questions. Please see my answers below.

    1) What questions do you have about APA format and style?

    Certain questions that you can have about this citation style can include:
    In which subject is this citation style commonly used?
    Where can I access resources in which I can receive guidance on how to use this style?
    What kind of citation structure does APA follow?
    How is APA citation style different than other commonly-used styles such as MLA and Chicago Manual?
    Why should I use APA over other styles?
    Who should use APA style?
    How many different editions of this style are there and which one should I use?
    What are some basic rules to follow for formulating an APA Reference List?
    If I reference an author more than once in the same paragraph, how do I cite it using APA?
    If there is no listed author ...

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