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    APA Citation Style

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    1) How would I cite this web-site: The Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB)? I am researching the article on Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP)
    http://www.asppb.net/ (I need you to help me with in-text citation and reference citation)

    2) How would I cite this web-site, http://www.psychology.ca.gov/applicants/exams/validation_report.pdf? I am researching the article on Examination for the California Psychology Supplemental Examination (CPSE). I went to this web-site first http://www.psychology.ca.gov/index.shtml and then I went over to Quick Hits and click onto Examinations then I click onto Competencies as tested in the CPSE Examination (I need you to help me with in-text citation and reference citation).

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    Given that your assignment seems to be psychological in discipline, it would seem the necessary style would happen to be APA ("American Psychological Association"). The APA does have rather strict guidelines, and the association lays out detailed instructions for how to cite pretty much everything that would be considered academically trustworthy or relevant as a source.

    Luckily, that includes websites, namely what the APA would term in the case of your first question a ...

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    APA citation style is discussed in some detail, with examples and sites to demonstrate and guide through the process as well.