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    Powerpoint presentation and effective online communication

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    TOPIC: Demonstrate effective online communication using a visual presentation medium.

    Create and submit a PowerPoint Presentation for this assignment. The presentation should contain a minimum of five slides. For the last three (3) slides, you will need to format the source information you recorded from your library search in APA Style as reference citations.

    You may use the following as a guide:

    1 Title (your name, the date)
    2 Introduction (in your own words, write a brief introduction to your topic and why you chose it)

    3Two APA Style reference citations

    4 Two APA Style reference citations

    5 One APA Style reference citation

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    For this assignment, you are going to develop a PowerPoint presentation which will contain at least 5 slides. The slide should be as follows:

    #1: This slide will be your name and the date

    #2: You will title this slide "Introduction." You will type a brief paragraph on your topic which in this case is demonstrating effective online communication using a visual ...

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