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    APA Format: Resources

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    Mastering the many precise rules of APA style takes time and practice. The American Psychological Association reviews and revises its guidelines to account for new ways of sharing information and the changing needs of scholars and professionals.

    Provide an explanation of new insights a person may have gained dealing with APA and explain a strategy a person would use to improve their skills in the covered APA concepts with cited sources and plagiarism, etc. Finally, explain the resources a person would use to improve their skills and why a person would use them.

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    Generally, a person can use several strategies to improve their skills in APA citation and referencing. One key strategy would be to manually cite several resources whenever one has to complete an assignment. This would allow for continuous practice of APA citation and would keep one from forgetting the main rules and concepts when referencing important articles. ...

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    The solution discusses the importance of using a citation system like APA.