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Pros & Cons of Boot Camp

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I have a research paper to write about the pros and cons about the goals of boot camp. Do these programs improve the offender's attitudes, make them more employable and reduce recidivism? Having trouble starting the paper and really need an outline or some sort of structure to work from.

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Advice on Paper Structure: Boot Camp Pros & Cons

Dear Student,

I understand why it could be rather difficult starting this paper. First off, it is a research paper, therefore it is based on information, observation and conclusions that you have come upon in the process of data gathering whether you do it through published materials on the net or from the library or via observation in the field.

The nature of your paper is as a social science paper therefore it follows the very basic structure that ought to give your paper form. Might I also add that it should also follow the APA format/style as this is the most common format in the social sciences?

Now what are the parts of the paper, what ought to be your structure and how should you approach it? First off, you need to arrive at a ...

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The solution looks at the goals,pros and cons of boot camp in terms of their value/effect in improving an offender's attitude and perspectives especially in their employability and the reduction of recidivism. Written in the APA-format