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    Fitness Bootcamp Camp Customer Expectations

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    The most important concepts to be applied:

    Intention is to investigate the relationship expectations of management and consumers of a outdoor fitness business known as Rebelbootcamp in a non bias manner. The projects main goal will be to highlight how the company conducted its customer expectations. The project layout will be roughly as follows.

    First there will be a title something like:

    "Rebelbootcamp, and their customers. Dealing with their expectations"
    The title should instantly give a clear indication to the reader what the coming project is about.(5-10 words)

    Then onto a Introduction:

    Once this title is completed the project shall go into a introduction for the reader to outline and highlight the possible trouble areas for both parties in their relationship expectations. Briefly touch on examples from both sides, fitness businesses and clients. This is to help the reader better understand the project emphasis. (250-350 words)

    Next will be the in-depth study try break down into certain key areas:

    Following the introduction which shall highlight the areas in which relationship expositions are managed then go into a in-depth study as to why these issues occur and break this issues into subheading such as
    Why do clients give up on fitness goals, do trainers expect too much?(150-250words)
    Are the fitness business owners failing to provide customers with the required attention to keep them focused?(150-250 words)
    During investigation discuss if there is a link between the two relationship problems above. For example many fitness business are well aware that customers give and in-fact may even target them as a niche market for easy cash flow. This is a area for further investigation to help understand if there's poor relationship expectations occurring on the business side(150-300 words)

    Once these points have been investigated focus should switch to just one fitness business Rebelbootcamp. The intention should be to examine how the service aspects highlighted above relate to that business. The issues to highlight is if Rebelbootcamp was expecting to much or to little off their clients. Also how could they use their relationship between clients to enhance the service they provide. The main goal throughout is to give the reader a better understanding in relationship expectation of both Rebelbootcamp as a outdoor fitness business and its customers.(350-450 words)


    The project goal would hope to give a better understanding of the importance of relationship expectations and how to successfully manage them. Not just for a fitness business, but to all business owners and customers. Overall hopefully the projects finding can help all parties investigated better understand the vital role each play to achieve their goal.(250- 350words)


    This will explain to the reader of the project how the conclusion above was reached, while also explaining how and where information was gathered to support the in-depth analysis of the project and show the reader that all information was gathered in a non-bias manner.(100-200 words


    This will be the closing segment of the project and will show the reader where the information I used to support me findings was gathered from. It will also allow the reader to gain access to more information regarding the nature of the project should they wish to continue gathering more information on the subject matter.

    Final outline :

    Introduction :

    In-depth analysis:



    References :

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    Rebelbootcamp: Management of Customer Expectations

    Worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980 (World Health Organization, 2013). This is a serious issue, as obesity is linked to chronic disease including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and some cancers. As a result, there is an increased interest in health and wellness, both as a business opportunity for corporations and as a way to better health for consumers. The expectations of the corporations and consumers are not always balanced, however, since results are measured differently for each party. To be successful in the fitness industry, a fitness business must sign up as many consumers as possible, while managing their costs. In order to manage their costs most efficiently there is actually a benefit to fitness companies, in part, to lure consumers into contracts but neglect to engage them actively in exercise. In this manner the fitness companies get initiation and monthly fees but do not spend money on services for the consumer beyond fixed costs.

    The consumer is motivated to exercise. The simple act of joining a fitness program is often enough for them to feel as if they are making progress, despite the fact that fitness will not improve without actually putting effort into the program. Fitness companies are known to lure customers in with attractive offers, including free trials that get consumers interested in the program. At first, working out is very appealing. Customers know that obesity and lack of fitness is unattractive and unhealthy. Buying a gym membership and getting new sneakers feels like a step in the right direction. Consumers reason with themselves that by signing up for a gym membership, and paying each month, they will feel obligated to go. It is estimated that 67 percent of people with gym memberships never visit the gym (Statisticbrain, 2012). This situation is in part beneficial to the gym, in that it lowers expenses. However, at the same time, the more members that are actively engaged and getting results from a fitness company, the more likely other members will join. The basic problem is that after the first visits to the facility, the excitement of working out turns into work. Rationally, consumers know that simply joining a fitness facility will not instantly make them healthier and fitter, however, they are unprepared for the amount of work and time that must be invested into the process to show results. The relationship between fitness clubs and consumers is doomed from the start.

    Fitness Goals and Motivation

    It is rare to speak with someone who, when asked, will not admit to wanting to lose five to ten pounds, get in better shape, or be healthier. Many people have even larger goals and are instructed to begin exercising as an emergency stopgap to increase the quality of their lives. Increasingly, as the population ages, poor fitness habits and over nutrition are combining to produce a population of obese sedentary people. The gym membership sparkles, inviting consumers to get fit by showing consumers pictures of toned members, happily enjoying various fitness activities. Consumers are motivated to be part of this healthy, happy group and imagine the pounds melting away. 67 percent of personal training is completed in a gym setting (Statisticbrain, 2013), often as a final last-ditch effort for the consumer ...

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