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Business plan for an e-commerce site

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Prepare a business plan for an e-commerce site. The site can be involved in any type of legal commerce. The following sections must be included: executive summary, business overview, service or products, industry analysis, strategy, and risks.

At least 800 words.

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This detailed solution prepares a business plan for an e-commerce site, and includes an executive summary, business overview, service or products, industry analysis, strategy, and risks. Formatted copy is attached.

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eFitness: Internet Personal Training Plans

1.0 Executive Summary

1.1 Objectives

- eFitness strives to inspire people to move off their couch into a healthier lifestyle. The company will offer detailed training plans based upon the needs of the client. In addition, fitness products will be sold.
- eFitness plans to offer the best value for quality, personalized fitness plans on the Internet.

1.2 Mission

eFitness is an online retailer of personalized training plans and fitness products. It markets personal training services, online education, and training guides. It also has partnerships with top manufacturers of fitness products. eFitness' mission is to share the joy of movement with others to inspire healthier lifestyles.

1.3 Keys to Success
- eFitness's founders have a diverse blend of talent, ranging from fitness and health to computer skills to marketing. These skills combine to give the business a unique ability to deliver effective training in a technologically savvy method.
- eFitness is affordably priced to appeal to a range of consumers.

2.0 Company Summary
2.1 Company Ownership
eFitness is a partnership:
- Sarah Berry (60%) has a background in health and wellness. She is a NASM certified personal trainer, a NSCS certified strength and conditioning specialist, and a certified NASM fitness nutrition specialist. She is an accomplished triathelete, marathon runner, and Pilates instructor.
- Tom Brown (20%) is a health educator. He is an ACE certified personal trainer and a NSCS certified strength and conditioning specialist. His service in the military adds to the sites ability to be a leader in boot camp training.
- Kyle Brady (20%) is a computer whiz, able to program websites with ease to maximize web search results and placement. He is well versed in marketing, having held the position of director of marketing for the last decade at a well-known retailer.

2.2 Business Overview
eFitness will offer online training plans to consumers. Plans will be personalized based upon consumers' answers to an online survey. The plans will be customized based upon training goals, activities of interest, and current fitness level.

The product will be developed based upon answers to the survey and an algorithm applied to existing training plans with oversight by the founders. Currently, most people interested in starting a fitness program join a gym or try to work out on their own. eFitness offers follow-up with the consumer to encourage ...

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