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Ideas on Marketing a New E-Commerce

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You're the marketing director of a regional chain of retail sporting good
stores. Your chain operates in the Midwest and has 22 stores in 5 states.
Sales have been poor and the company has been through several cash flow
crises within the last 8 months.

Your boss knows that you are fairly web-savvy.

At 9am, she comes to you with a request. She asks that you put together some
preliminary thoughts on marketing an e-commerce site for the chain.

"The owner really wants to do this," she says. "But you know the cash
situation we've been in."

She continues, "Can you come up with some very cost effective ways to market
it? You know, guerilla marketing...grass roots...that sort of thing. We
really need this! We don't really have money for print or radio ads...but
we really need results"

She turns to leave and then looks back at you and says, "oh.... and I need
it back in 2 hours, because the owner is looking for some ideas at our 11
o'clock meeting!"

What are 6 concrete ideas you can give her on marketing a new e-commerce
site on a very tight budget?

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List six ideas ideas on marketing a new e-commerce

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Refer http://onlinebusiness.about.com/od/startingup/a/nosite.htm
Article: Starting an Internet Business Without a Website

1. Ebay Business
Listing merchandise to sell on ebay requires nothing more than a computer, internet connection and a means of producing digital images. You can ease into a Web site by opening your own ebay store for as little as $5 per month to promote additional items.

2. Affiliate Programs
Affiliate programs can be promoted with or without a Web site. To entice people to click on your affiliate link without having a Web site requires you to either:
-promote the link through advertising
-have your link included in someone ...

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