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    Evaluation Practices of Fair Use Laws and Copyright Laws

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    How can I respond to this Scenario by addressing the copyright compliance and fair use for online education and their challenges for the delivery on online instruction in a two-paragraph analysis that addresses the situation.

    Fair use and copyright law are important issues for online instructors to consider, especially as they integrate technologies into their classrooms. The rapid growth of technologies and their increased usage in online learning environments, online instructors must consider the kind and extent of materials and multimedia that could potentially be uploaded, transmitted, or downloaded for use in their online classrooms.

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    Evaluation Practices:
    With the wide spread use of technology in the classroom, instructors (traditional and online) must be cognizant of the fair use laws and copy right laws for the use of technology in the class room. All public/private institutions must have a "Fair Use Policy" in effect for all technological users. These policies must be adhered to and usually require signatures of the institutions before use of the technology. In circumstances where the users are minors, parents are also asked to sign giving permission for their child(ren) to use the technology. According to Findlaw (2014), "Under the doctrine of "fair use," the law allows the use of ...

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    This assignment focuses on the awareness of Fair Use Laws and Copy Right Laws that traditional and online instructors must be know. The vast use of technology has now made it possible for learning to occur inside and outside of our traditional school sites.