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Ethics of Posting Journal Articles in Distance Learning

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I, as an online psychology instructor, would like to design a personal website to share my professional activities and accomplishments with my students and the public. The website would include a weekly blog about my thoughts on online education and my work in the field. In one of my blog post, I would like to describe my tips for developing online coursework and post a journal article on this website that was retrieved from the university's library, but I'm not sure if use of the article in this manner is permissible. What factors should I consider in determining if the use of the journal article complies with or violates copyright law and fair use? What would I need to consider in making my decision?

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After perusing the research from the Association of Research Libraries on this topic, I ascertained that there are issues/matters regarding fair use that you should be cognizant of when using journal articles that do not violate copyright laws. Much of this information can be found in your university's library regarding copy right issues. Your ...

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This assignment addresses issues pertaining to copyright laws, fair use policies and copyright terms in the Public Domain in the United States. It describes what issues instructors must take into consideration when using journals and publications in distance learning programs.