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    Did Napster Violate any Laws?

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    What legal issues did Napster have? Did Napster violate any laws? Which ones?

    What other industries are affected by Napster?

    Could it also affect the academic E-books?

    What laws would be broken by piracy of E-books?

    How important is it to observe laws when starting a company?

    Required Articles:

    Gomes, L. (2001). Record industry files court papers saying Napster isn't effectively blocking music Wall Street Journal, March 28, pages B. 5- B.6, retrieved from Proquest database November 20,. 2009

    Van Hoorebek, M. (2003). Napster clones turn their attention to academic E-books! New Library World, 2003, Volume 104, Issue 4/5, pages 142-129, retrieved from Proquest database November 20, 2009.

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    Napster and Intellectual Property Rights

    Napster was created by Shawn Fanning while he was studying at the Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. It operated from June 1999 until it was declared illegal sometime in 2001. Napster was mainly an online music file sharing service wherein users can easily share music with each other without making any purchase from the record label owner of the music. Particularly, it was "constructed around one simple concept: to allow members of a "community" to share computer files on the Web" (Van Hoorebeek, 2003, p. 142).

    According to several court filing documents, several record companies opined that Napster didn't effectively blocked ...

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