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E-Business: Legal, Ethical Problems Failures, Enron

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A. What are the legal and regulatory ramifications of operating an e-Business?
b. Discuss three examples of possible ethical problems when running an e-business.
c. Discuss one e-Business failure. Explain what happened and what you would have done differently. Explain whether or not the e-Business practiced sound financial planning.
d. Did e-Business play any role in Enron's accounting problems? Explain.

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Topical Issues Affecting e-Businesses

a. What are the legal and regulatory ramifications of operating an e-Business?

The legal and regulatory ramification of operating an eBusiness is the similar to any other business, except for the inclusion of the World Wide Web and computer or e-systems. TTU.edu references that, "Electronic Business incorporates:

E-Commerce -- The use of electronic transmission (telecommunications) for commercial exchange (buying and selling of products and services)

E-Business -- The use of electronic transmission to support business processes: capturing and distributing ANY business information (a ...

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