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    Enron: A Case Study

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    Our case study is on Enron
    I need help with this assignment, I only need to do the part where we ANALYZE AND EVALUATE ALTERNATIVES.(ENRON)
    Select a case study particular to an ethical dilemma in the workplace, as approved by the faculty member. (OUR CHOICE IS ENRON) There has been, unfortunately, no shortage of ethical problems that have received much media attention over the past several years. Write a 2000 to 2,600-word paper in which you respond to the questions associated with the case.
    Needs to be APA formatted and cited.

    Determine all the facts: symptoms of problems, root problems, unresolved issues, roles of key players, and ethical issues involved.

    Analyze and evaluate alternatives. (The part that is assign to me, needs to be 600 words)
    Once the problems and issues are isolated, work at gaining a better understanding of causes. In what area do the problems exist? Why? What caused them? Examine and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the processes (e.g., planning, communication), human behaviors, and/or exhibits (e.g., financial statements, sales reports, etc). Check the effectiveness of managerial competencies. Are the objectives and strategies compatible with its skills and resources?

    Decide on the most valid alternative, and make recommendations.

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    Dear Student,
    It would be better if had indicated what sort of ethical issues you have decided to center your analysis on in the case of ENRON. ENRON's case as a failed energy company with an executive circle that doctored the books is well publicised. We could discuss failure of leadership, corruption, ethical management failures, even nepotism. Since you did not indicate which ethical issue you centered on, I shall assume that it is the general summary of the criminal and institutionalized systemic accounting fraud the former Energy company engaged on that your group have chosen to tackle. With the limited word count, I shall be concise in the solution but will expand it enough to include the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. If you have any questions regarding this solution, please feel free to send me a message.

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones


    Analysis and Alternatives Evaluation

    For six years until its eventual bankruptcy and fall, Enron was listed by Fortune magazine as the 'most innovative' energy company. In paper it was making billions for its investors, in truth it was engaged in the most systemic, institutionalized, creatively planned accounting fraud. In its heyday it employed over 22,000 people and engaged in the following businesses: communication, pulp and paper, natural gas and electricity. In 2000, it claimed making over $101 billion in revenue, that, legally sound in principle, attracted more investors and financiers into the scheme which was eventually revealed in what then became known as 'The Enron Scandal'. Enron prior to its fall shielded intense scrutiny by using accounting, the media, lawyers and by putting up an image. Employees enjoyed great benefits working in sleek offices at relatively higher salaries than industry standard. What resulted was a manipulated 'smoke and mirrors' affair. Employees followed blindly, the accounting rouse creatively planned and critics were unable to get to the heart of the matter. There was only 2 alternatives - either an insider blew the whistle or Enron's management under the leadership the now deceased Ken Lay continue their practices until the system self-destructed, an event not unlike that of Bernard Madoff's own hedge-fund fraud as such 'creative accounting' can only be sustained for a period until it all falls down. Jeff Skilling, whom Lay hired as President put together a ...

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    The solution is an analysis of Enron, specifically providing a general summary of the criminal and institutionalized systemic accounting fraud the former energy company engaged in relating the actions to the provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley Act, a law enacted to combat corporate fraud following the cases of Enron & WorldCom. This solution is workplace case study focusing on management ethics. A word version is attached for easy printing. References are provided following the APA-format.