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    Issues in Enron Case

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    Attached the case study which is on Enron and the writing assignment is on page 97 in the attached file where it shows Writing Assignment.

    So I need to write a strategy memo to Mr. Berardino ( details p97) as well as a professional business letter for his signature.


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    //As per the guidelines, we will discuss about the case study on 'Enron' and identify the details of the issue. We will also talk about the rank orders critical issues, faced by the Company. Along with this, we will also discuss about the implications of the issues on the Company's operations and reputation in the market.//


    Date: September 5, 2007

    To: Mr. Berardino.

    From: Arthur Anderson / External management consultant.


    The Enron Case is the most devastating case in the history of the Corporate America.

    Details of the Issue

    Enron is an American energy company of Houston, Texas, which was founded in 1985. In 2001, the company faced an accounting fraud and corruption. The financial scam was between Arthur Anderson and Enron Corporation. The company didn't mention its debts and its losses in its financial statements. The main issue was that its trading operations were based ...

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