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    Recent Fraud/Corporate Scandal Report on Ethics

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    With all of the recent frauds and corporate scandals similar to Merck, AIG, Enron, WorldCom, Tyco, and ImClone you have heard. On your lunch break, you decided to surf Internet news sites and read articles on the potential legal and ethical issues related to data analysis organizations have gone though in the recent past. After reading these sites, you have become interested on researching additional resources on the data analysis by using the Library, the Internet, and all other resources that are linked to this case and you want to research and prepare a report that summarizes the following questions relevant to data analysis on a specific organization of your choice.

    1. How did the company you have researched use or misuse data to support their decisions?
    2. What were the results?
    3. What are the limitations and significance of the data?
    4. What are ethical implications of data misuses in this case?

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    Enron Company was an American energy based company. It was established in Texas, in 1985. In 2000, the company's revenue was increased in the market approximately to $101 billion, due to high goodwill. The company had expanded domestically and internationally and this resulted into complicated deals and contracts. Enron comprises of billions of capital in the form of debt. The debt was hidden from the shareholders by showing them various partnerships, unlawful loans and also by doing unlawful accounting practices (Dhara & Bufkins).

    Misuse the data

    Enron was the biggest USA corporate bankruptcy case in the year 2001. Enron used various misleading, unclear and unlawful accounting practices and tactics to modify the financial statement. Enron's growth increased at a high rate in four years i.e. it increased from approximately $ 14 billion to $ 100 billion. In the year 2000, it awed government and attracted the Wall Street by the high growth in the Company. In this manner, the company made fool of the shareholders, Wall Street Analyst's employees and many other stakeholders of the company. Enron transferred their assets and liabilities of the financial Statement with the Byzantine Structure and Special Purpose entities. The company created illusion of showing the company a larger company by doing fraudulent accounting practices. The company had shown its growth by exploiting the accounting practices. The company misused the accounting data by using two types of ...

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    The response discusses the data misuse in the Enron Company scandal, including information on the fraudulent practices, results and ethical implications. 919 words with 3 references.