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Research Design - Company Misuse of Data

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Reviewing scandals of our recent corporate past please answer the following:

How did the company you have researched use or misuse data to support their decisions?

What were the results of this mishandling?

Interactive: Focus on one other corporate entity of your choice from such institutions as banking, lending, mortgage institutions, telecommunication, automobile industry, insurance companies etc. How did this company misuse data?

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The expert determines how the company has researched use or misuse data to support their decisions.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 650 words with references.

// In this paper, there will be a discussion on corporate scandals that have been reported in the history of the U.S. There will be a discussion about a specific company that had indulged into a corporate scandal and the way it misused its data. Along with this, the paper will also highlight the consequences faced by the company after the scandal. //

One of the biggest corporate scandals that has taken place in US history is in the telecommunication industry. The company is WorldCom that got indulged into fraudulent practices. The reason behind this scandal was the intention of the co-founder and the CEO Bernie Ebbers, who wanted to develop and secure his personal financial condition (MacDonald, 2002). The company undertook the step of showing fake figures in their accounting statements. The CEO was under increasing pressure from the banks for the purpose of covering its margin calls for the company's stock.

The company was going through a declining phase as it abandoned its decision of merging with Sprint in 2000. Ebbers even approached the Board of Directors of the company to provide him ...

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