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Research and analyze a white collar crime

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Research a case related to criminal law and the business world. Discuss the facts of the case and the application of criminal law. Identify whether the crime is a white collar crime or blue collar crime. Analyze the result of the case. Was it fair? Why or why not? What ethical issues can you identify related to this case?

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The term white collar crime is a reference to crime committed by an individual of a privileged socioeconomic class. These crimes are usually financial in nature. Examples of these types of crimes include crimes against property belonging to another for one's personal gain, embezzlement, bribery, money laundering, insider trading, tax violations, and cyber attacks. Unlike blue collar crimes, perpetrators of white collar crimes are less likely to be apprehended due to their social status and the covert nature of their crimes. It is a broad concept that encompasses illegal behavior that leverages a person's professional authority and power. A blue collar crime may involve something physical. Examples include a bank robbery, physical assault, burglary, or an armed robbery. The ethical ...

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The expert research and analyzes white collar crimes. The ethical issues you can identify related to the case are given.