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    Marketing: Analyze the Napster Case

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    Case Starts on Pg 64.

    1) In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case
    2) Briefly describe the internal environment, customer environment, and external environment of Napster
    3) How can Napster use a SWOT analysis to develop a competitive advantage
    4) As the Director of Marketing for Napster, how would you refine the marketing plan to expand the customer base for the company in 2009?

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    The main factor and issue with Napster was its pioneer status. It was the first of its kind and therefore embraced by some and attacked by others. People chose sides and because it made available a product of others, it was going to be challenged in court. The concept was not innovative, it was completely new and how to defend it was always going to be an issue. It was not something the owners foresaw. They did not plan for it and had possibly not thought it through strategically. By the information presented, there did not seem to be much strategic planning and no method of making changes easily. The negotiations with the companies suing Napster were not fruitful. This too shows an evidence of little strategic planning or knowledge about how to address issues and research.

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    The solution analyzes the Napster case and includes the key facts and critical issues.