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    Case Study: Conflict Analysis and Diagnosis

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    Summarize the conflict for Robert Patton.

    Address the following for Robert Patton:
    - Identify his position in the conflict
    - What are his aspirations, or what they hope to get out conflict?
    - What are his underlying interests - the reasons for their aspirations?
    - What needs are driving these interests?

    What factors do you think are impeding the resolution of this conflict,for example, negotiation style, level of trust, and use of power?

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    Robert Patton has been married to his wife Denise for 23 years. They have two children together, the youngest, 6yr old Artie, displaying symptoms of a neurological disorder. Since Denise prefers to be a stay-at-home mom she has become financially dependent on Robert. Though Denise has taken on several part-time jobs since she became a mother, she has not worked a full-time job in approximately 5 years. Robert is the breadwinner of the family but feels as if he is often ignored in his home. He refuses to acknowledge that Artie needs to be evaluated by a neuropsychologist and finds it annoying that Denise spends the majority of her time giving attention to Artie instead of to him and to household chores. When Robert and Denise do speak it is usually in relation to Artie's special needs and they wind up engaging in a screaming match. As a result, Robert spends the majority of his free time at the office and has become quite aloof. He interacts very little with his 15 year old daughter, Leigh, who becomes quite hurt when ...

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    This solution is in response to a case study on conflict analysis and diagnosis. It identifies the conflict at hand, client's role in the conflict, what he hopes to gain out of the conflict, and the factors that appear to impede the resolution of this conflict. Also, it identifies the client's interests and the needs that drive him to have these aspirations.