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Five-Axis Diagnosis of "Jeff"

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Complete a five-axis diagnosis for Jeff and Provide specific supporting information for each axis.
Discuss the relevant psychosocial and cultural aspects that might support or challenge the diagnosis.

Case study:

Jeff, age 21, was brought to a hospital emergency room by his roommate. Jeff is uncommunicative and sits in a stiff position, with one hand raised, for the duration of the interview. The roommate reports that Jeff has not seemed like himself for the past six months. He has become withdrawn and has seemed increasingly odd, talking to himself and dressing inappropriately for the weather and the situation. Several weeks ago, Jeff began talking about bugs crawling all over his body and needing to get himself "fumigated." When the roommate returned home today, he found Jeff in his current state. Jeff is a junior in college and, until six months ago, has been attending class regularly and passing all his courses. Although he had two toes amputated as a result of an accident, Jeff is otherwise healthy and the roommate could offer no explanation of the change in Jeff except that, about nine months ago, Jeff's parents informed him that they had decided to get a divorce.

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Five-Axis Diagnosis of "Jeff "

(1) Complete a five-axis diagnosis for Jeff and Provide specific supporting information for each axis.

Axis I 297.1 Delusional Disorder Somatic type
Axis II None
Axis III None
Axis IV parents - divorce
Axis V GAF -30 Current

The essential feature of Delusional Disorder is the presence of one or more non-bizarre that persists for a month. Hallucinations if present are not prominent. The patient's behavior and appearance are not affected with this disorder (p.321). The diagnostic criteria include : (a) non-bizarre delusions, (b) Schizophrenia has never been ...

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