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    Nature of conflict among the stakeholders of client organizations.

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    Discuss the nature of conflict among the stakeholders of client organizations. Outline the conceptual frameworks and the sets of skills needed to deal with conflict in the high-pressure project environment. Show how to avoid conflict, how to recognize it, and how to resolve it.

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    Nature of conflict among stakeholders of client organizations

    There could be both internal as well as external sources of conflict among stakeholders. A major source of conflict could be conflict of interests. There might be stakeholders who are in favor of a business deal while there might be other stakeholders who are not in favor of the deal. Hence, it could lead to conflict within the organization. There might be personal and entity reputations which could lead to conflict. For example, the director of client's organization has a daughter who is appointed the Business Manager of Internal Audit function. Though she might be well qualified for the job, but the stakeholders of the organization might look at it as nepotism and this could lead to conflict.

    Conceptual Frameworks

    The conceptual framework places a shared vision of the underlying causes and consequences of conflict as the entry point for developing a conflict handling strategy. The conceptual framework for managing conflict consists of:

    1. Conflict Analysis: The aim of conflict analysis is to understand the causes and consequences of conflict. ...

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