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    Business Management Questions

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    1. Discuss the differences between a consultant and a surrogate manager.
    Which is more effective in the long term and why?

    2. Define authenticity in the context of a consultant. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of being "authentic".

    3. How do you know you are making good decisions when the stakeholders have
    varied priorities?

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    A consultant uses his change management skills to influence the organization, the surrogate manager becomes a part of the organization and tries to influence it.
    A consultant uses his technical and business knowledge to give advise to the organization, a surrogate managers uses his skills by joining the organization and becoming a part of it.
    The consultant completes a part or whole of the project and delivers it to the company. The surrogate manager plays a leadership role within the company and helps complete the project.
    The consultant uses creative and analytical thinking to solve the problems of the company. The surrogate manager for all purposes becomes an employee of the company and as a integral part of the company ...

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