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    Strategic Management and Intellipath Assignments

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    Hi,Please I want help to write Discussion Board on Strategic Management and intellipath assignments .Thanks.
    Professor Instructions : Writing Not lower than (500 words). Thanks.
    1- Taking into account that the quotation of internet. Not more than 5%. If the ratio is greater than 5%. He will Refuse .
    2- I give you Example of Discussion Board in the end of questions. to help you ( Look for the Example)
    The Questions are:
    1- what you learned about Strategic Management?
    2- How did you leverage knowledge gained in the intellipath assignments (Units 1- 4) in completing the Project Unit 5?
    3- Discuss how will these competencies and knowledge through your study the Strategic Management . support your career advancement in management?

    ( Example of Discussion Board ):
    1- what you learned about Strategic Management?
    Step 1
    By my studying this course I learned a lot of Great information about the role and the types of effective Strategic Management in the community and business . this material helped me to make the right decision in my work. also This study helped me to gain more knowledge and understanding about the role and the importance of Strategic Management in The success of organizations.
    2- How did you leverage knowledge gained in the intellipath assignments (Units 1-4) in completing the Comprehensive Project?
    Step 2
    This study contributed to the development of my skills ,and my abilities through the exchange of views among my colleagues in the Discussion boards. to get to a successful performance in the research ,and writing project unit 5.
    Intellipath a very Great teaching tool because it contains a lot of information through training on the questions and answers as a tool to review the lessons. helped me to understand the Strategic Management.
    Leveraging intellipath for me was not a challenge. I still enjoy this method of learning the best. It is at my own pace and repeating the courses in practice only helps. Unit 5 Comprehensive Project added to my ability to interpret good business practices from the bad while utilizing components in designing strategies. One of the greatest business tools is the use of SWOT Analysis. This is a tool that should not only be utilized in the beginning of a business but throughout the duration of the business. It assists in ensuring that the business is being analyzed internally while taking external factors into consideration. Once you begin to ask the right questions determining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is not as difficult as I once thought. Most companies have SWOT analysis of their companies available for the consumer to view.
    3- How will these competencies and knowledge support your career advancement in management?
    Step 3
    Currently I am not a manager of anyone. However now that I have a BA in business administration and soon to have an MBA I have been inquiring on open management positions within my company. I can say with confidence that I now feel confident and more ready than I ever have before to advance in the area of management. This is also something I don't feel rushed to do. I like my current position and feel good that I have more options now than I did before I started my college education.

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    1- what you learned about Strategic Management?

    In regard to strategic management, it represents the core of the business and must be effectively implemented throughout the organization by the leader. Leaders' are responsible for developing a strategic plan that will guide the organization, and strategic management is able to teach business students how to effectively develop strategic planning techniques that will assist the leader in fulfilling their ...

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