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    Leadership and Kaplan University

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    Hi,Please I want help to write Discussion Board .Thanks.
    Professor Instructions : Writing (ONE PAGE)
    1- Taking into account that the quotation of internet. Not more than 5%. If the ratio is greater than 5%. He will Refuse .
    2- I give you Example of Discussion Board in the end of questions. to help you ( Look for the Example)

    The Questions are:
    1- what you learned about Leadership?
    2- How did you leverage knowledge gained in the intellipath assignments (Units 1- 4) in completing the Project Unit 5?
    3- How will these competencies and knowledge support your career advancement in management?
    4- Type a word of thanks to the University of Kaplan on your studies and on Intellipath training tool.

    ( Example of Discussion Board):
    Step 1
    By studying this course i learned a lot of Great information about the role and the types of effective Leadership in the community and business . this material helped me to make the right decision in my work. also This study helped me to gain more knowledge and understanding about the role and the importance of effective Leadership .

    Step 2
    This study contributed to the development of my skills ,and my abilities through the exchange of views among my colleagues in the Discussion boards. to get to a successful performance in the research ,and writing project unit 5.

    Intellipath a very Great teaching tool because it contains a lot of information through training on the questions and answers as a tool to review the lessons. helped me to understand the effective Leadership.

    Step 3
    also when it comes for the management and performance , we are in this study teaches us How to develop our competence,and increase our skills,This will help to increase our ability to improve the performance of business through training to gain new skills, I think all this will contribute to give good results, It will contribute to the increase of production ,and increase profits,and ensure the continuation of the company in competition.

    Step 4
    All of this reinforce my knowledge,and my confidence in myself because I feel I have gained a great information during my studies this course.
    I owe to say thanks for the Kaplan University, and all my professors, for all that I learned,and all that I will learn. Thanks.


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    - what you learned about Leadership?

    Leadership is contingent upon the leader's personal attributes, characteristics and leadership style, this is what is most important about leadership. Because of this, leaders have very divergent styles of leadership wherein each leader will incorporate their own personal strengths into their leadership while attempting to mitigate any weaknesses. Kaplan University offers' students the ability to become effective leaders' in their field because of courses that ...

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    Leadership and Kaplan University is examined.