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    The value of sales training

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    The textbook covers a number of phases that provide a foundation for developing a sales training program. Apply the steps from figure 7-1 of the textbook to construct a training model if you were asked to train salespeople to sell the value of the Kaplan University's MBA program? Within your response, include and cite a relevant quote from your textbook. What sales theories would you use in this model and why?

    I do not need more than a page or a page and a half. It only has to be some type of training model. It does not have to be very sophisticated. Something like the one I showed you with some explaining to it. Thank you so much

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    The Value of Sales Training
    There are many different types of sales theories available to the savvy salesperson, unfortunately only about 30% of business firms provide sales training. (Organizing staffing and training, your book.) The sales approach largely depends on what is being sold. It is important to establish the objectives of the program in order to understand the big picture. Establishing objectives to the sales staff opens the door to whether push or pull sales models should be used, or if a combination of both is needed. In the case of selling Kaplan University to potential students, the pull model of sales is the most appropriate approach. The Pull Model allows the seller to go directly to the source of the person they are selling too, in this case the potential student (sales and selling - training and ...

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    The value of sales training are given. What sales theories should be used to model a foundation are provided.