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    Training Plan for the Sales Force and/or Front-Line Employees

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    Develop a training plan for the sales force and/or front-line employees in the Subway scenario based on below link. Include the following in your plan:

    - Identify the specific training needs for the team.
    - List the main components of your training program.


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    Training Plan for Sales force
    HR department of Subway is responsible to identify and respond to training related needs of sales force at their restaurants. In addition to having broad knowledge of Sandwich products, ideal salesmen must be able to use their knowledge, communication skills and cooperation skills to adjust the sales strategies of organization with their potential customers. So, there is a requirement of some training programs related to improvement in communication that can successfully raise the performance of sales personnel to meet the demands of customers. It can be benefited for restaurant along with sales force because these communication techniques can add value for the customers and consequently for organization(Subway Employment Services, 2010). Familiar behavior of sales force team can influence the decisions of customers positively therefore, the training in the references of customer relationships management can improve the attitude of sales force towards customers.

    Within the Subway restaurant, for the post of Sandwich artist, the prerequisites are first, the knowledge of computer for performing effectively with regard to managing financial flows and second, the physical ability of the sales force personnel. The restaurant requires providing training in the context of food catering and accounting holdings that can convert the individual sales person into food catering and financial ...

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