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You have just been hired as a consultant to a small restaurant chain. You realize that to be successful you must focus all your time on the following 4 key areas:

People Development.

As a percentage, how much of your time will you dedicate to each area and why?

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As a consultant, I would spend 40% of the time on Operations. In order to make the restaurant successful, you have to start will making sure that the operations is setup correctly. I would begin by evaluating all of the operational processes. I would talk to the employees to verify that the processes match up with the processes followed by the employees. After evaluating the operational processes, I would make changes to the operational processes as needed. Once the processes are updated, I will turn my attention to people development (20%). The employees will have to train on the ...

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The percentage of how much time to dedicate each area are determined. Sales, operations, people development and profit is analyzed.