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    the fixed cost for product

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    Please show me how to arrive at the correct answers.

    Product A:
    Selling Price $10
    Variable Costs $5
    Fixed Costs $2000

    Product B:
    Selling Price $12
    Variable Costs $10.00
    Fixed Costs $6

    [a] If these products are sold in the ratio of 4a to 3b, what is break even point?
    what about 5a to 5b? In order to maximize profit, which product mix should be pushed?

    [b] Assume that product A requireds .5 hour per unit and B requires .25 hour per unit. If both products must go through the same manufacturing machine and there are only 30000 machine hours available per period, which product should be pushed?

    A. A=400 units and B=300 units
    Aii. A=372 units, B=?
    Aiii. A=$5, B=$5
    B. Product A

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    Note: Check the question the fixed cost for product B should be $600
    Calculate contribution margin
    =Selling price - variable cost
    for each product.

    Product A = $10-$5=$5 per unit
    Product B = $12-$10=$2 per unit

    If products are sold in ratio of 4a to 3b, the contribution margin per unit will be weighted average

    Break even point ...

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    Determine the fixed cost for product