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Three Things You Learned in MGT 434

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Name 3 things you learned in MGT/434 class that may help you in your job. I need help in getting the paper started

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Generally, in classes such as this one, many topics are covered in a rather short amount of time. It gives the student a chance to gain an overall understanding of many areas related to the class topic. The advantage to classes such as this one is that the topics learned can be applied in virtually any employment setting. To give you an idea of the topics that I might choose if I were deciding areas to use would be something to this effect -

1. I have gained a moderate amount of knowledge in areas relating to federal and state employment practice regulations.

This is a basic area covered in almost all management classes and is definitely covered in all management classes relating to employment law. By giving the student a moderate amount of material in this area, the student is able to determine if the selected employer is in compliance with federal and state laws. This includes areas such as the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with ...

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This solution provides the student with a comprehensive discussion into different areas related to MGT 434 and employment policy/law. The student can then use these areas to craft his/her paper. This solution serves as a guideline in the form of a discussion regarding the topics generally covered in this type of class.

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