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    The Sales Training Program

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    Why is it important to have a sales training program? What would be included in a sales team training program? What determines the success level of a sales training program?

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    Sales training programs are important for organizations because it involves sales. Sales are the most important part of any organization. Without sales, there is no business as the organization cannot support and sustain itself. It is for this reason that sales staff need to be trained and undergo a sales training program every now and then. Sales training ensures that the staff knows and understands the techniques in selling and other methods to gain sales. Sometimes, organizations have many sales staff so they hire a company to train their staff. Whether the company hires an outsider (company or individual) to train its staff or pursues on training their employees within the organization, the company must make sure that the best methods and approaches to sales including Web sales is being taught. A sales training program for one company may be different from another company ...

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    The composition of a sales training program, its importance, and how its success is determined. References are included.