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    Sales Training Program

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    The first and most important step in designing a sales training program is the assessment of training needs, which provides the starting point for setting training goals and designing the program.

    a) Discuss the methods of assessing sales training needs.
    b) What are some examples of training objectives?
    c) Discuss some of the different methods of delivering sales training and their effectiveness.

    A few sentences for each question

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    a) Discuss the methods of assessing sales training needs.

    There are three categories for assessing sales training needs. One is subjective assessment method which includes upper management judgment (top management knows of the role of the sales force in achieving the goals of the company), sales management judgment (sales manager may realize that the sales force needs more training in presentation skills), and training department judgment (training department is essential in assessing the training needs).

    The other category is objective assessment which includes interviews (provides feedback that help improve training needs), surveys (aids in assessing the needs), performance measures (analysis of internal data), and end-of-course evaluations (identifies the effectiveness of the existing program and the gaps needed to be filled in as basis for future training programs).
    The last method is general assessment which comprises ...

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