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    Group test for means

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    Jerry's Bargain Department Store spent $50,000 on a training program to improve sales effectiveness of its employees. Below is a table of the before and after sales amounts for a random sample of employees who took the training program. Assume that data is recorded for an equal period of "before"-"after" time. Use the 1% level for risk. Process the data by Excel.

    Person Before Training After Training Person Before Training After Training
    CJ $38,747 $40,838 JZ $49,090 $53,700
    TM $42,505 $48,555 HB $45,650 $49,799
    JJ $35,464 $36702 TA $53,250 $55,404
    DN $51,010 $52,910 ZK $60,990 $61,858
    EW $48,575 $60,999 PL $58,344 $59,995
    CH $32,377 $38,358 LD $44,012 $54,038
    4. (cont'd)

    (a) (5) Paste your Excel Printout here, or attach it to this assignment.

    (b) (5) Given the processed data, describe what Jerry should do.

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    The solution examines how a training program improved sales effectiveness of its employees. The data for this analysis is processed in excel using hypothesis testing.