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    Integrated Approach Evaluation

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    I need to discuss a specific situation in an organization (or one with which you are familiar) that requires an integrated approach evaluation. How should you combine formative, summative, and confirmative evaluation methods in this situation? Why? Explain your reasoning and support your opinions by referencing sources such as the textbook or internet research. Be sure to cite your sources using APA format.

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    Integrated approach evaluation would be helpful in my organization for our sales staff. The company spends a lot of money training and developing sales staff but the results are not often tracked or considered in meeting the company's long-term objectives. By utilizing an integrated approach evaluation, it would be possible to determine performance improvement by addressing inputs, processes, outputs, and outcomes (Moseley, Dessinger, 2009). In the formative segment, this approach would help improve the selection and ...

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    This solution discusses a situation that requires an integrated approach evaluation, and how to combine formative, summative, and confirmative evaluation methods to this situation as well as why. APA formatted resources are included.