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    Organization integrated evaluation

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    Discuss a specific situation in your organization (or one with which you are familiar) that requires an integrated approach evaluation. How should you combine formative, summative, and confirmative evaluation methods in this situation? Why? Explain your reasoning and support your opinions by referencing sources such as the textbook or internet research.

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    A situation in any organization that would require an integrated approach evaluation would be an analysis to determine if the front desk assistant requires training to a greater level of depth and detail than what is currently offered. This would be based on the main fact that the front desk assistant makes a high percentage of mistakes. A contributing fact is that when we evaluate the last three employees that have held this position, there appears to be a positive relationship with increased error rates in this particular assistant's position after a period of approximately six months have passed. Each person in this position is then given more work to complete, and the error rates increase. This leads us to believe that greater training is needed for the tasks that are delegated after the initial six-month period has ended, even though the tasks require no special or specific level of education, degrees, or licenses of any type to complete.

    The integrated approach ...

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    The solution discusses the specific situation in an organization that requires an integrated approach evaluation. How to combine formative, summative and confirmative evaluation methods is given for this situation.