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    For this project you will need to create a Microsoft Word document which includes a table and hyperlinks to Web sites helpful to someone studying in your major Paralegal. Some possible Web sites to include in this document are professional organizations for your major field, research sites focusing on information in your field, writing help/reference sites, math help/reference sites, or your favorite search engine.

    Document Requirements

    Place a Title at the top of your paper. Format the title in bold, italic, Arial font size 18.

    Add a Header with your name aligned right.

    Add a Footer with the page number aligned center.

    Create a two column table with a minimum of seven rows. You may add additional rows as needed to hold additional hyperlinks that you feel will be useful to you as you progress through your degree.

    Label the columns in the top row with the left column titled "Hyperlinks" and the right column titled "Description."

    In the six remaining rows add hyperlinks and descriptions for your top six web pages.

    Add additional rows as necessary for more links.

    In the Description column, provide the name of the Web site and describe the information found there.

    Sort the table by Description.

    Below the table in your Word document, write a paragraph explaining how you will use the links in your table to support your studies at Kaplan University. Next, format your text as follows:

    Center the paragraph.

    Change the text color in the paragraph to Red (a red of your choosing from the color palette).

    Perform a word count on the entire document (including the table) - list the word total at the end of the paragraph (e.g.: total words = 550).
    Insert a text box after the paragraph and type your name and section number in the text box.

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