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    A paralegal case study

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    Evan Eldridge is a paralegal working for Matilda Moniker, who handles lots of small lawsuits that often go to trial. Matilda asks Evan to contact opposing counsel in six cases and to tell them that she is ill and cannot take depositions as scheduled. Then she asks Evan to draft requests for continuances in three other cases, also based on her illness. Evan knows that Matilda is not ill and suspects that she is delaying the discovery process and trials because the suits are weak and she is overworked. Matilda later confides over drinks that she thinks the cases will have a better chance of settling wit the delays.

    Is Matilda doing anything unethical?
    What should Evan do?

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    Yes, Matilda is acting unethically. By faking an illness, canceling depositions, and requesting continuances, she is essentially lying to the court and to her clients. An attorney who takes on too many cases and is spread too thin should not abuse ...

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    Unethical actions are studied.