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    Strategic Management: Comments

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    comment on strategic management ( This Question Not for Mr. Stephen Washington, MS )

    ( This Question Not for Mr. Stephen Washington, MS ) Thanks.
    1- please be encouraging comments on Her post (Mera). Not lower than 5 Lines . I give you Example of comment in the end my question. (Look The Example) to help you.
    2- Make ONE question on the topic,after your comment.

    The Topic:
    Competencies developed throughout this course range from learning to deal with people, working as a team, empowering classmates, managing and adjusting to change. I had already possessed these competencies but this course allowed me to strengthen and build upon what I needed to dig deep and be reassured that it was there. Which leads me to speak of my interpersonal awareness that also was matured where I stepped up my game when it came to written and oral communication within this class. And let me not forget discipline because I was hesitate in the beginning about pursuing an online degree but man it fostered great discipline in myself that I thought I could never do.
    The four intellipath modules; Strategic Management, Scanning the Environment, Strategy formulation, Issues and Case analysis all assisted with leveraging additional knowledge in regards to completing the comprehensive project. The comprehensive project is more like preparing for a presentation for hundreds of business professionals rather than obtaining permission from the Strategic Officers Steering Committee (SOS-C) of ToolsCorp. I am continuing to grasp the application of each principle and when to apply my critical thinking skills within Strategic Management.
    These competencies will help to support me in the future within management because I have an understanding of the operations in decision making for business research. Using my knowledge gained, I will be abreast to define, discuss, identify and understand or possibly explain my process of making a specific decision during business interactions. The knowledge gained will also help to advance my leadership skill because there should be a leader within one who manages business transactions.

    Best Regards,

    ( Example of comment):
    Hi Mera, I'm in total agreement with your discussion this week, this course has indeed strengthened my understanding on competencies that we have learned and accomplished in prior degree programs. I have been working as and within a team for many years, but this course have strengthened my role in management in the current position that I hold. I am currently on a management team, consisting of myself and one other individual, where I have proven success of continued process improvement as I have suggested and had implemented many time and cost saving strategies based upon information and knowledge obtained throughout this course. Unlike yourself Mera, I was just the opposite, I was not hesitant about pursuing an on line degree, but I was hesitant about entering the classroom at my age. I just made it my focus to be dedicated to the degree and I that I did. I saw the Course Comprehensive Project as a tool to utilize, with successful completion, when going forward with my own business. My critical thinking skills and strategic management skills has only sharpened with the successful completion of this course and provided me with a wealth of information that I am not only utilizing now, but will definitely utilize in the future.
    I enjoyed reading your discussion this week and our last week to come.


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    I fully agree with your discussion this week. This course has strengthened "people's skills" which is the key to successful management. In today's dynamic business world successful people must embrace change, empower employees, realize synergies in a team, and deal with people. Communication, both written and oral is critical for ...

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