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    ToolsCorp Corporation Comment

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    Hi Mr.Ashish Sharma, MBA (IP)
    please Writing your own comment on this topic .
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    Peter Drucker said, "The prime task of strategic management is thinking through the overall mission of a business" (David, 2016, p. 6), therefore the first step I will take is to clearly understand the requirements of the Unit 5 IP and formulate a philosophical approach in my goal of completing the assignment. I will then do an analysis of the internal and external environment to better understand the factors that affect ToolCorp's sustainability and those factors that are favorable or unfavorable in meeting the set goals and objectives in breaking into the global Marketplace. Knowing ToolsCorp's strengths and weaknesses as well as its threats and opportunities will help the team prepare along the way.

    I'll ensure to stay engaged with my teammates because a strategy is best implemented when everyone on the team is on board, engaged, understands the strategy and is committed. Without commitment from every member the end result tends to be a bit more challenging and unattainable (American InterContinental University [AIU], 2016).

    Topic: ToolsCorp Corporation

    I. Introduction

    A. Abstract - Background on ToolsCorp Coporation

    B. ToolsCorp's desire to break into the Global Market initiative

    II. Body

    A. SWOT Analysis

    B. Business Plan

    C. Mission Statement

    D. Operational Principles

    E. Market Analysis

    F. One-five-ten year strategic objectives

    G. Proposal (to include online marketing)

    III. Conclusion

    A. Conclusion - An effective and efficient strategic plan will allow Toolscorp to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage in the Global Marketplace

    B. Recommendations - go forward with the next step (developing a full-blown business plan) for ToolsCorp's strategic initiative to break into the global marketplace

    ( Example of comment)
    you have a perfect plan for Toolscorp, it looks like Toolscorp will engage in a industry and expand to its max. Toolscorp will be able to compete with companies internally , while developing thier products and fighting for the overall status of success in the industry. Great post this week.

    American InterContinental University. (2014). Scanning the Environment: Managing by Objectives? [intellipath]. Retrieved from American InterContinental University Virtual Campus, BUSN105-1403B-01: https://mycampus.aiu-online.com

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    Excellent plan, using the philosophical approach, analyzing the internal & external environment, and setting goals for breaking into the global marketplace is a well developed strategic plan. By also doing an internal analysis of strengths and weaknesses of ToolsCorp Corporation you will be able identify the company's internal capabilities, core competencies, and make good strategic ...

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