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    Executive Summary:
    It is time to take the world by storm. ToolsCorp has accepted the challenge and ready to embark on the journey into new territory. Our home office in Tennessee has mastered our local endeavors in building power tools, lawn mowers, lawn furniture, microwaves, and ranges as well as keeping the manufacturing of the products locally. We are truly thriving in the United States and Canada. It is realized that in order for the company to continue to grow the next step would be to grow in the global marketplace.

    ToolsCorp has taken the opportunity while continuing to grow our business locally to spend the time and effort to grow our knowledge in the area of the global marketplace. Our hesitation to enter the global marketplace came from the perception of the state of global affairs and our lack of knowledge. This meant that our attack strategy would be to make ourselves armed and dangerous by doing as much research as possible in terms of the market and investing in our employees as a resource. Our managers have spent time with consultants that have expertise in this area of growth during the last six months while others have visited areas to find locations where we can conduct business and keep our objectives aligned with our mission. The monies that have been spent in doing the research will recoup within the second year of the investment.

    Our mission is to continue to provide an enhanced customer experience through our quality products and services. Our research and analysis emphasizes that our strength is in the area of leadership and innovation. We are demonstrating that this is our continued focus by creating a leadership staff that is global and that are able to recognize the cultural dynamics in the global marketplace. Our innovation and commitment to support local communities will incorporate local resources to still produce our quality products beginning with our current product line of power tools.

    Based on the market analysis, power tools are gaining traction around the world for both professionals and those that perform do-it-yourself projects. Due to rising disposable income and urbanization increase DIY trends have also increased. Power tools allow the user to get the projects done in a convenient and effective manner. Majority of our competitors parts are made in China due to the availability of resources such as raw materials and cheaper labor cost. "The value of the global power tools market was worth US $27.58 Bn in 2015 and it is expected that the market will reach a valuation of US $46.47 BN by 2025" (8 key trends in power tools market, 2015). Currently, China dominates the global power tools market; accounting for about 80%. Continuing with our strategy of utilizing our ability to manufacture locally will validate our support for local communities and provide us an outlet into the global marketplace.

    8 key trends in power tools market. (2015, September). Retrieved from Future Market Insight: http://www.futuremarketinsights.com/articles/power-tools-market

    ( Examples of comments ):
    Hi Jack,
    I like how you grab the reader from the first sentence with a powerful word such as storm. By giving qualitative numbers with how much the company is worth, helps the reader an understanding of where the company was and where the company wants to go. Entering the Global marketplace can be a difficult task, but with the team of experts and research the company can become successful with the right people in the right places. Taking advantage of the resources in the foriegn country of choice will help cost savings and time for the leaders whom are creating a strategy for investment. Once you can grab the attention of the shareholders with the Executive Summary, you can have thier attention with the business plan and move forward with thier blessings.

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