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    executive reply to an executive summary

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    Hi, I want make good comment for this topic

    1- Please Make Nice comment and agree with her ( Amanda ) about her Executive Summary, the comments not lower than 5 lines.

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    Executive Summary:
    The purpose of this document is to present a report to obtain permission from the Strategic Officers Steering Committee (SOS-C) to move forward with developing a full-blown plan for ToolsCorp's strategic initiative. The strategic initiative is to break into the global marketplace with continued focus on our current products; lawn mowers, lawn furniture, microwaves, ranges and power tools. Until this point ToolsCorp has been hesitant to break into the global marketplace because of the perception of the global affairs such as laws and exchange rates and the lack of knowledge of conducting business within the global market.

    In this document one will find a complete SWOT analysis with full explanations of the categorization of the environment within ToolsCorp. The document will also address the analysis of the environment that ToolsCorp is proposing to the SOS-C. While the document emphasizes our strength in the area of leadership and innovation productivity it is clear that our weakness is international expansion as well as our marketing strategy in the area of online service initiatives.

    The outline of the business plan indicates that the direction being presented will align with ToolsCorp mission statement of providing an enhanced customer experience through our quality products and services. Our commitment to support local communities is one of the drivers in creating our strategic objectives and operating principles. A preliminary market analysis validated out competitors in the industry such as Black & Decker and GE Whirlpool as well as identifying the target market for the global marketplace. Continuing to utilize the ability to manufacture locally will also validate our support to the local communities. Our expansion into the global marketplace will not have a negative impact on our thriving business in the United States and Canada if handled based on this business plan.

    (Example of comments) :
    Hi amanda
    I like your executive summary regarding Toolscorp strategic initiatve, it is true that the SWOT has a full explanationswhen it comes to the environment and Toolscorp. Toolscorp do have the capability of reaching to many sections of the world, while at the same competing with such companies as Black & Decker and the GE whirlpool of the world. Hence, this is why as a group many ideas can be constructed and form a great company in Toolscorp. As we formulate an outline the mission statement is direct for outlining many areas of the business plan.

    great work

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