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Obstacles to Cultural Change & Conflict Resolution

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1) What are the most likely obstacles to cultural change? What may HR do to overcome them?
2) Compare two conflict resolution techniques.

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1) What are the most likely obstacles to cultural change? What may HR do to overcome them?

-- In a business setting, cultural change deals with the transformation of change of the entire culture of an organization. A cultural change is often undertaken for several different reasons. The board of directors, shareholders, and others will often have management companies come into failing companies and institute cultural change. Other times, management will identify the need for cultural change based upon constantly changing conditions.

Companies can fall into a predictable pattern after a certain period of time. The culture becomes established at the company due to the tone-at-the-top and most notably, due to the way that the company was run by certain individuals. Even after that particular management team is gone, the company continues to run in the same manner even if those principles are outdated, or even unethical. In these circumstances, a cultural change is needed.

The main obstacle in ...

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This solution discusses the obstacles to cultural change that are most common in an organization. This solution also compares conflict resolution techniques. A thorough discussion is presented.

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