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Oral Tests Gather Data from Learner/Employee

1) In what situation would oral tests be an effective and valid method of gathering data from the learner/employee?

2) As a trainer, you will be developing a training session on cultural diversity. What assessment method might you use to evaluate the learners? What steps will you take to maintain the ethical quality of your assessment?

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1) Oral tests overall are a good method for gathering data from learners/employees because, in this form, employees and students have to answer the questions in such a way that they demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the subject in order to satisfy the requirements of the job interview, exam, or assessment (Wise Geek). It is also a way for the examiner to study the employee or student's body language to see if there is anything peculiar about it. In my opinion, it is virtually impossible for an employee or a student to cheat on an oral test, which makes the data gathering accurate, reliable, and credible.

Oral assessments or exams are given in a variety of different situations, including a job interview, showing how well a student or employee has ...

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