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    he Seven Tests

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    As you get coffee from the empty breakroom you see a document titled "Using the Seven Tests" laying on the table. Someone left it there. You pick it up, stick it in your binder and return to your office to look at the grievance form, the labor contract and this "Using the Seven Tests" article.

    You moan because the labor contract says that employees may not be discharged unless there is just cause. You know there will be a fight.

    The paper you found on the breakroom table was "Using the Seven Tests," from http://www.ueunion.org/stwd_jstcause.html

    You wipe your brow and wonder what you have gotten yourself into. This was the Frank situation:

    Frank operated a machine in Building A. He usually was an averange worker, but working the past 4 weeks on that machine in Building A he had made lots of mistakes on which products to accept and put in the box and which to reject. The Plant Superintendent came into work in the middle of the night because the supervisor called him. The supervisor checked Frank's boxes and 6 out of 8 had faulty parts inside. The Superintendent terminated Frank's employment and walked him out the door.

    Discuss the seven tests and how they relate to this situation. Is there more information that you will need to gather?

    What will you do from here? Discuss.

    Would you be concerned about the "Seven Tests" if you were working in a union-free environment? Why? Why does a "discipline/termination for just cause only" seem to be a "union thing"?

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    Discuss the seven tests and how they relate to this situation. Is there more information that you will need to gather?

    The first of the seven tests is "was the employee adequately warned of the consequences of his conduct? " Usually, before an employee is terminated at least one oral and one written warning should be given. In case of Frank there is no evidence that he was warned. If there has been warning in the past, I will require more information on that.

    The second test is "Was the employer's rule or order reasonably related to efficient and safe operations?" There is no rule that I know of. If there is a rule then I would like to have more information about it. The mistakes were made on which products to accept and reject, and these are directly related to efficient operations.

    The third test is "Did management investigate before administering the discipline?" Yes the action of the Plant Supervisor amounts to investigation. The investigation by the ...

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