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Same as this statement from classmate, please give your thought. Thanks!

I believe a person exhibits intelligence when:

1. Solves life situations in a creative manner
2. Exhibits originality in the way of thinking
3. Is logic and coherent in the way he talks and acts
4. Has mathematical skills
5. Creative and Intellectual skills

I can compare this list to the model CHC (Cattell-Horn-Carroll) described by Cohen and Swerdlick (2010), in which intelligence is approached in this model as manifestation of seven broad abilities that include crystallized intelligence, fluid intelligence, visual-spatial thinking, auditory processing, processing speed, short-term memory, long term storage and retrieval, fluid reasoning. This model includes a wider area of abilities to define intelligence and does not exclude some factors that may be decisive for the individual. In my opinion a person is not labeled intelligent just for the knowledge acquired, that would be just his crystalized intelligence, but also are many areas where the person needs to face challenges in which academic knowledge is not so necessary like daily life events, and the person needs to be creative, resourceful and capable to reason a way to solve a situation; some other characteristic of intelligence I believe is the logical level a person develops, some people are more logical than others, but these also goes in detriment of creativity; I believe there are brilliant people that are able to combine logic with creative thinking, they are coherent with what they think and can create new solutions or ideas.

The model CHC is more dynamic in defining intelligence because it takes more factors into consideration. I found important reading about the example shown by the school psychologist John Garruto (Cohen & Swerdlick, 2010), when he applied the CHC tests to the students and he came with more illustrating results that helped students and teachers from that school, than using the conventional tests from before. And even though he still uses other tests he always compare the results to the seven major areas of the CHC test and he has found many crucial answers for students that had help them in academic success.

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