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Intelligence Community (IC)

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Intelligence gathering and the use of intelligence has changed dramatically since the end of the Cold War. Describe the current structure of the Intelligence Community (IC), and explain how information sharing is supported.

In addition, describe several of the most common types of intelligence gathering, and discuss their place in the intelligence development process.

Finally, reflecting on current threats and projecting into the future, propose a design for the structure of the intelligence community in the year 2020; provide an overview of the rational for your design.

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) on the topic of the structure of the current Intelligence Community (IC, US) as well as how information is shared between member agencies. Types of intelligence gathering is also discussed as well as a likely structure for the community based on current threats. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. The solution has been written for a graduate student currently serving in the US military.

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Hello Jim,
I hope you are doing okay, pacing yourself in this exam. Now, in this particular task, you are being asked to describe how intelligence is managed shared in the US. I suggest this simple outline:

1. Intelligence Structure - 200 words
2. Types of Intelligence - 200 words
3. Intelligence Community Structure for 2020 - 200 words

As you can see, this is a test of your knowledge of the system but also one that requires you to propose a theory of intelligence gathering, but you must detail and defend it. Don't worry, as long as you are answering within the context, you will be fine. This should get you started. All the best!

AE 105878/Xenia Jones
US Intelligence Structure

The US government is a bureaucracy. It is a massive structure wherein the task of intelligence, especially in the topic of homeland security and law enforcement, is vital. But since intelligence must be shared appropriately in within the bounds of time in the assessment of threat guided by due process, bureaucratic systems often result in a slowing 'trickle' of information sharing which can be detrimental. After 9-11, the US government under then Pres. GW Bush has come to recognize the need for a reform in intelligence sharing, one that undercuts the bureaucracy but ensures the protection of vital information. According to White, 9-11 has affected a change in American perspectives on War particularly on offensive & defensive strategies as violent international radicalized terrorism & domestic terrorism became hard realities for today's American nation. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) came into being in March 2002 via a Presidential directive. The DHS however is just among the many security and intelligence agencies within the government. The truth is, there are 16 vital intelligence organizations in the US organized under the banner of the 'US Intelligence Community'. Called the IC, the federation, through executive order 12333 are tasked, broadly, to perform the following - "Collection, analysis, and production of sensitive information to support national security leaders, including policymakers, military commanders, and Members of Congress. Safeguarding these processes and this information through counterintelligence activities. Execution of covert operations approved by the President. The IC strives to provide valuable insight on ...

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